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My Breastfeeding Journey

Hey Mamas!!

My breastfeeding journey began 10 minutes after I gave birth to my daughter Ariah. As soon as I pushed her out, the doctors assessed her, then laid her right on my chest for "skin to skin" contact. Ariah wiggled her head from my chest right onto my breast. Did you know that babies can smell your breast milk from a mile away? Crazy isn't it?! That initial suck on my breast hurt like a you know what. It was so painful!
During my stay at the hospital, they had a lactation nurse come to my room to educate me on proper breastfeeding techniques. I was overwhelmed and didn't quite feel like I was doing it right because it still hurt whenever I nursed my daughter. My nipples were so soar! The nurses gave me some Lanolin ointment which helped alleviate the soreness (new mamas and mamas-to-be, stock up on the Lanolin ointment and definitely make sure you get some from the hospital before you leave... or you can click here.) I went home still feeling like I wasn&#…
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Is My Baby Reaching Developmental Milestones?

"My baby started sitting up at 4 months." "My baby started standing up at 6 months." "My baby started walking at 8 months." 
One thing I learned about this thing called motherhood is that baby milestones only mean so much. So what if your baby is 11 months and isn't walking yet. He or she will walk when they are ready. Don't feel like your child is delayed just because they aren't meeting certain "milestones." Love on your babies! Don't force them to achieve certain milestones because you see another baby their same age doing something that your baby isn't doing yet. I had to learn this myself.

I saw a baby the same age as Ariah on Instagram counting from 1-5. Automatically, I started to question if I was doing enough as a mom to make sure my baby is learning. I started watching all these counting videos on Youtube hoping she would pick it up. Then I had to think again like, she's going to learn this at some point without m…

How to Use a Breast Pump! (Medela)

How to Soothe a Teething Baby!

I'm not sure if a teething baby is more annoying for the baby or for the mom! My daughter started teething around 3 months, and she is still teething now at 17 months. Throughout these past 14months, I feel like Ariah has been having these waves of crazy teething. I'm talking about up every couple of hours at night, wanting to chew on any and everything, irritable, etc. During her peak teething times, I literally want to cry as much as her. It usually means little to no sleep for me, unable to do things around the house because she can get very clingy (not that I don't love her cuddles), or me having to keep an extra close eye on her to make sure she's not putting anything in her mouth.  How did I know when she was teething?IrritabilityExcessive droolingSwollen or bulging gumsTrouble sleepingWanting to chew on everythingRefusing to eatFever (not every child gets it when teething)
Ways I helped soothe my daughter's teething:Teething rings (frozen sometimes work better…

10 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

Traveling with a baby/toddler can be tough! This past week my husband, my daughter Ariah, and I went on a family vacation to Puerto Rico. Prior to booking the trip, I contemplated on even taking her on the trip for many reasons. I kept thinking can she handle being on a 3.5 hr flight, what if she gets sick, will my husband and I be able to have some time together, etc. The only other place we flew to a few times was Boston, which is only an hour flight from Philadelphia.
The first time we flew to Boston, Ariah was only 7 weeks old. At that time I was breastfeeding her, so I felt like it was a lot easier for me to travel with her then. I didn't have to worry about carrying bottles of milk with me, and she slept most of the day anyways unless she was hungry or needed a diaper change. Now that Ariah is a little [a lot] more active, our travelling has gotten more challenging. It turns out, our trip to Puerto Rico went by pretty smooth. I wanted to share some tips with my new mamas (a…

5 Reasons Why Reading To Your Baby Is Important!

One thing I can not stress enough as a new mama is reading to your babies! I started reading to Ariah since she was in my womb. I've read to her just about everyday since she came home from the hospital. Now at 16 months, I have a book worm. In her room full of toys, the first thing she will go to is her bookshelf. Ariah looooooves books, and that makes me proud. There are many benefits to reading to your baby, Here's a few:

1. It helps improve brain development
2. It stimulates cognitive, language, and listening skills

3. It allows you to bond with your baby
4. It introduces them to different concepts such as body parts, numbers, alphabets, shapes, etc.
5. It allows them to learn to love books

Overall, reading to your baby has so many perks! I started by incorporating reading time into Ariah's bedtime routine. I noticed it was her favorite part of the day. Now she reads any time she lays eyes on a book. I love how much she loves books. I'm all about a free college education…

Balancing Motherhood & Relationship

In my opinion, being a new mom has its challenges. Between balancing motherhood, being a wife and working a full time job. It can definitely be difficult, sometimes overwhelming. After Ariah's birth, it became nearly impossible to spend quality time with my husband. Especially without one of us falling asleep! We were tired ALL THE TIME! Once we gained more experience in parenting, we were able to finally enjoy each other! Which was very vital to our marriage!
One thing I can say for sure is that my husband and I make a great team. If one of us puts Ariah to bed, the other is cleaning up the crazy mess our daughter created lol. If one cooks, the other does the dishes. It is definitely getting a lot easier balancing mom life and wife life. Here are some ways that helped me balance motherhood and my relationship:

1. Date night! My husband and I made a commitment to each other to have date night once a week. Sometimes those date nights would be in our living room. We put our phones awa…